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[164], The territory of Nunavut accounts for the location 80% of annual kills in Canada. [169], In Greenland, hunting restrictions were first introduced in 1994 and expanded by executive order in 2005. [168], Because of the way polar bear hunting quotas are managed in Canada, attempts to discourage sport hunting would actually increase the number of bears killed in the short term. Like the brown bear, most ungulate prey of polar bears is likely to be young, sickly or injured specimens rather than healthy adults. A capa de graxa subcutánea pode chegar a un espesor de 15 cm. [121] On average, each litter has two cubs. Polar bears consume a wide variety of other wild foods, including muskox (Ovibos moschatus), reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), birds, eggs, rodents, crabs, other crustaceans and other polar bears. PCBs have received the most study, and they have been associated with birth defects and immune system deficiency. [76][77] However, due to their lack of prior human interaction, hungry polar bears are extremely unpredictable, fearless towards people and are known to kill and sometimes eat humans. [87] Studies have also photographed polar bears scaling near-vertical cliffs, to eat birds' chicks and eggs. "The influence of climate variability on polar bear (, "Diet composition of polar bears in Svalbard and the western Barents Sea", "Interactions between polar bears and overwintering walruses in the Central Canadian High Arctic", "Polar bear metabolism cannot cope with ice loss", "Comments on 'Carnivorous walrus and some Arctic zoonoses, "Hudson Bay Post — Goodbye Churchil [sic] Dump", "What to eat now? The polar bear was previously considered to be in its own genus, Thalarctos. [70], The polar bear is an excellent swimmer and often will swim for days. Thawing of permafrost would affect the bears who traditionally den underground, and warm winters could result in den roofs collapsing or having reduced insulative value. Several such sites have been preserved on the Yamal Peninsula. Due to their position at the top of the ecological pyramid, with a diet heavy in blubber in which halocarbons concentrate, their bodies are among the most contaminated of Arctic mammals. ", "Magic Number: a Sketchy "Fact" About Polar Bears Keeps Going...And Going... And Going", "Nunavut MLAs condemn U.S. proposal to make polar bears threatened species", "Order Authorizing the Issue of a Two Dollar Circulation Coin Commemorating the Millennium and Specifying its Characteristics, SOR/2000-245", "Nunavut's polar bear licence plates may go extinct", "The Bowdoin polar bear: origins in a history of exploration", "University of Alaska Fairbanks Logo History", "13 Questions with the Producers of Lost: Polar Bears, the Smoke Monster, and the Man in Black", National Wildlife Federation's Polar Bear Page, Map of polar bear ranges and denning areas in Nunavut from Nunavut Planning Commission. [116] A study in Hudson Bay indicated that both the reproductive success and the maternal weight of females peaked in their mid-teens.Maternal success appeared to decline after this point, possibly because of an age-related impairment in the ability to store the fat necessary to rear cubs.[128]. [199], Warnings about the future of the polar bear are often contrasted with the fact that worldwide population estimates have increased over the past 50 years and are relatively stable today. For other uses, see, "Ice bear" redirects here. [116] During this time, cubs playfully imitate the mother's hunting methods in preparation for later life. [2] Because polar bears rely partly on their fur for insulation and soiling of the fur by oil reduces its insulative value, oil spills put bears at risk of dying from hypothermia. [161], More than 600 bears are killed per year by humans across Canada,[45] a rate calculated by scientists to be unsustainable for some areas, notably Baffin Bay. Researchers do not know whether or not this is a new behaviour; before polar ice shrinkage, they opined that there was probably neither the need nor opportunity to swim such long distances. [88] The Arctic is home to millions of seals, which become prey when they surface in holes in the ice in order to breathe, or when they haul out on the ice to rest. In Russian, it is usually called бе́лый медве́дь (bélyj medvédj, the white bear), though an older word still in use is ошку́й (Oshkúj, which comes from the Komi oski, "bear"). [43] The Polar Bear Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission takes the position that "estimates of subpopulation size or sustainable harvest levels should not be made solely on the basis of traditional ecological knowledge without supporting scientific studies. Alén deste método de caza ó axexo, o oso polar emprega tamén o método de persecución para cazar, aproximándose moi lentamente á vítima e disparándose nos 15 m finais, a unha velocidade de até 55 km/h. While the algae is harmless to the bears, it is often a worry to the zoos housing them, and affected animals are sometimes washed in a salt solution, or mild. [90] However, in the short term, some polar bear populations in historically colder regions of the Arctic may temporarily benefit from a milder climate, as multiyear ice that is too thick for seals to create breathing holes is replaced by thinner annual ice. Peacock, E., Derocher, A. E., Thiemann, G. W., & Stirling, I. Unha pel que se vendía por 3.000 dólares atinxe hoxe o prezo máximo de 500 dólares. [126] In most areas, cubs are weaned at two and a half years of age, when the mother chases them away or abandons them. They circle around each other for a while, grunting. The resulting high concentrations cause Hypervitaminosis A,[148] Hunters make sure to either toss the liver into the sea or bury it in order to spare their dogs from potential poisoning. A pesar de diminuír o seu número a partir do paralelo 88°, os osos polares poden ser encontrados virtualmente en todo o Ártico. O petróleo é altamente tóxico e de lenta descomposición, sendo inxerido polo animal cando este se alimenta ou executa o seu aseo. [147], Their distinctive appearance and their association with the Arctic have made polar bears popular icons, especially in those areas where they are native. A contaminación ambiental é outra ameaza. Estando no cumio da cadea trófica, o oso polar concentra substancias tóxicas no seu organismo. The mask is a polar bear's head with a sea captain hat. A pesar de non seren sociais, os osos son capaces, con todo, de compartir os restos dunha balea sen maiores conflitos. [158], Although the United States government has proposed that polar bears be transferred to Appendix I of CITES, which would ban all international trade in polar bear parts, polar bears currently remain listed under Appendix II.

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