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transformers wiki g1 toys

Paint chips off metal, rubber dries out and splits, chrome fades and rubs off, and the combination of metal-and-plastic on hinged parts leads to easier breakage. The first being that Diaclone and Microchange were pretty much depleted of viable toys, so it was time for all-new toolings to get made. By this time, Transformers was in serious trouble. In 1986 a feature film was released, generating $5,706,456 in the United States.[2]. [45], Series 2 features two Autobot Deluxe Vehicles; Roadbuster and Whirl. This late entry into China actually goes a long way towards explaining the country's current Transformers mania, and its ever-increasing amount of toys made specifically for that market. Though there were only a few characters introduced, they were toys that none of the US audience had ever seen. While many other lines' mail-aways tended to be just toys that weren't out in stores yet, Transformers from the outset offered toys that they would never sell at normal retail, like the Omnibots. The subgrouping idea was changed as characters were now limited to Pretender and Micromaster groups. As Transformers went on, new characters needed new gimmicks to stand out. All in all, 1985's output was roughly double that of 1984's. Oh yeah! In 1992, the line got much more cohesive, moving back to much more "traditional" Transformers, changing from pseudo-realistic vehicles to robots, with gimmicks that were by and large not super-obtrusive. The two years were actually one single run, story-wise and thematically. The first ever series of Transformers toys features twenty-eight characters in all; eighteen Autobots and ten Decepticons. Though the previous year saw Bumblebee return as "Goldbug", this large-scale toy of a returning character heralded a shift in Hasbro's strategy, which would get even stronger next year. Attached was the "Tech Specs", numeric rankings of the character's stats. This page was last modified on 27 November 2020, at 18:22. Those who grew up with the line as kids were hitting adulthood just as the Chinese middle class was booming, which meant disposable income. There are certainly a number of notable early variants, such as the red Tracks, as well as the occasional release of toys otherwise exclusive to Japan, such as GiG's Bruticus and Abominus giftsets or the legendary Galaxy Shuttle, but their scarcity has relegated them to "only for the completist with ample funds" category. Cheap construction and disappointing features were its most notable problems.[50]. Optimus Prime and Megatron were both offered as a Movie Mail Away. This was a banner year for the toy line as the tie-in animated feature, The Transformers: The Movie, was finally released. Part of the first wave of 2015 Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class toys, Megatron transforms from a robot heavily inspired by his Generation 1 animation model into a tank featuring working treads. One particularly helpful bit of marketing for this year is the clean division of good-guy/bad-guy alternate modes. But many of these items are not cheap on the secondary market due to their scarcity. The computer learns that the planet is inhabited, and in order to survive first contact the computer both repairs the disabled Transformers and re-configures them with physical forms based on vehicles and machines of human origin. [25] Ravage, the saboteur, resembles a jaguar while in robot form and was sold with Rumble, who serves in demolitions. The physical actions to transform one or the other between modes was identical. The remaining unused "Car Robot" models were brought over, as were several redeco/retools of first-year Cars. By the end of the series, Takara would go back to following Hasbro's lead for the bulk of the line, with new molds being relegated to a small handful of large pieces. Diaclone and Micro Change were quickly discarded in favor of the new hotness as kids ate up this new take on the giant robot genre, one that was a fresh change from the sheer amount of competing "piloted mecha" robot toylines/cartoons in existence. Despite many/most of the toys having been available just a year or two prior, the new story and cartoon propelled Transformers sales far beyond those of the lines that the toys originally came from. Marvel Comics UK continuity (1985 to 1992), This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 08:55. Marvel's UK branch also published their own Transformers stories. That Transformers made as big a splash as it did and lasted so long before the revivals and reboots is remarkable. [5], The eleven Autobot cars consist of Bluestreak, Hound, Ironhide, Jazz, Mirage, Prowl, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, and Wheeljack. [30], All of the toys released during Series 2, both those that were new to the series, as well as the reissued versions of Series 1 toys, featured heat sensitive rub signs. This brand was the mark of a "true" Transformer, and they even spent the money to make a commercial just to say so. Where previous years tended to be a bit scattered with its transformation types, the Headmasters and Targetmasters presented a more unified theme across both factions and multiple price-points. These bots were developed for animation first then had toys developed based around those designs, a very rare move at the time (and still uncommon today, mostly only the live-action film series works this way). The Heroic Autobots were the cars and trucks, and the Evil Decepticons were... everything else. The Autobots leave their planet on a space ship, and the Decepticons follow them in their own vessel. The line would continue through 1991, and a few extra pieces would see release only in Australia. This is most evident in the first and second seasons of the animated series. They came in the same packaging as their American (or European) counterparts, only with small stickers in the corner giving the characters' Chinese names. The original Transformers came out in a very different toy environment than what exists today, and at a time when the market was venturing out from the slow-paced 1970s into undiscovered country. It was rare for a toy to have moving parts that weren't directly tied to its transformation sequence beyond a simple rotating shoulder/elbow joint. [21], Soundwave is the Decepticon Communicator and transforms into a microcassette recorder modeled after a 1980s Sony Walkman. Transformers G1. Since 1984, Generation One Optimus Prime has received the largest number of toys for any single Transformers character, a testament to the character's enduring popularity and status as a hero to many fans. Accessories: 2-part Pretender shell, helmet, left & right wings, left & right "lasers"/tail wings, rifle ; The first new Starscream toy since the original brought the treacherous Air Commander back as a Classic Pretender.He still transforms into a grey, red and blue F-15 fighter jet, though his vehicle mode now borders on the super deformed. [17] Brawn, who serves in demolitions, transforms into a Land Rover Defender 4x4;[18] Bumblebee, who serves in espionage, transforms into a Classic Volkswagen Beetle;[18] Cliffjumper, a warrior, transforms into a Porsche Turbo 924;[19] Gears, who serves as a transport and in reconnaissance, transforms into a 4WD off-road truck;[19] Huffer, the construction engineer, transforms into the cabin of a semi truck;[20] and Windcharger, a warrior, transforms into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.[20]. While mail-away offers were an extremely common practice at the time, Hasbro smartly spruced this process up. (After all, that formula worked wonders for Star Wars.) While in its robot form, the toy consists of three separate parts: the main figure, which transforms into the cabin of the truck; an Autobot Headquarters, which transforms into the tractor trailer, serves as a combat deck, and includes a mechanic/artillery robot; and a small scout car named Roller, which launches from the Autobot Headquarters.

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